the Cotton Collective

You want to take your photography business full time.

You love your portrait photography but want to shoot weddings.

You want to learn videography and take your business to the next level.

(or maybe you just want to actually start your photography business!)

We believe you aren't meant to do this alone!

You're stuck, you're burnt out, or...heck,
you don't even know where to start!

Because starting & owning a business is beyond overwhelmingly difficult.

Uh, not to mention mastering your craft on top of it all! 

We went through some pretty muddy waters those first few years of business. Our CPA was shocked we actually survived off the tiny "profit" that very first year. Photography is hard on its own and running a business is even harder. If you are anything like us when we started, you’re constantly thinking...

We get it!

How am I going to do this? Where do I start? 

How do I even get into the world of wedding photography? 

And where do these “dream” clients come from that everyone keeps talking about?

When I get that dream client, how am I going to feel confident posing them!  

How do I get my photos to look consistent and why don’t these presets ever work? 

How do I handle less than ideal lighting situations and Lord help me when it comes to using a flash!

I’m obsessed with video but don’t even know where to start or how to add it to my business? 

How does everyone juggle all the things? What should I focus on?



the Cotton Collective

A modern lifestyle and wedding photography workshop for the heart-centered dreamers who believe if you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen. 

that's why We're so excited to introduce

This workshop will help you go from aspiring photographer to a total boss! Or maybe you already have that business up and running but you feel like you are just winging it! You are sick of pinning all the things on Pinterest to try to teach yourself how to market, how to sell, how to shoot, #allthethings! 

We will work together before the workshop to tailor the content specifically for you. At the workshop, you get 48 hours of jam-packed education + helpful and intentional 1-on-1 breakout sessions! 

After the workshop, we don’t just send you on your way, we will check in and make sure you are actually implementing what you’ve learned.

If that’s not enough for you, as an attendee, you can add-on special access to our 3-month mastermind after the workshop! 

You want more and YOU KNOW you deserve it! 


grow your confidence

this is for you, so you tell us!

your new accountabili-buddy!


When: February 5-7th 

Where: Adorable town of Round Top, Texas

Accommodations: The Vintage Round Top 

Fly into: Houston or Austin

February 5th - 7th 

Adorable town of Round Top, Texas

The Vintage Round Top 

Houston or Austin




fly into:

Why should you want to learn from us? 

Well, we’ve been doing this for a decade with over 125 weddings under our belts & hundreds of family clients with our work featured on places like BRIDES.COM, Huffpost, Fox News, Southern Living, The Knot, Ruffled, Cottage Hill, Modern Luxury Weddings. 

We don’t say this to brag. In fact, we don’t even mention this featured list on our website, because in our hearts that’s not what’s most important to us. We say this so that you know we’ve done our work. We’ve put in our 10,000 hours and then some. 


meet your hosts!

Hi lovebirds! I’m a pie-making, Texas gal with a little avocado, salad loving, California heart. I’ve spent about half my life between both states. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, I never knew this is what my life would hold.

I guess you’d say I’m the creator of this little Cotton poof. But in reality, I know none of it would be possible without 1. My sweetheart of a hubby who is my greatest encourager and incredible business coach and, of course, 2. My bestie, Alyssa, my right hand gal pal of 15+ years. I like to call her my Siri since she seems to know everything! I couldn't have dreamt up a sweeter scenario working alongside my two favorite humans encouraging and loving on other photographers!

Once we become friends, you should know, I'm in it for the long haul. Nothing is more important to me than my relationships. I live for Sundays, flipping on our trampoline, snuggles with #ourkinseygirl, and Thanksgiving (my perfect excuse to make a ridiculous amount of pies) with our family and dinner dates with our best friends! 

meet Kellan

meet alyssa

boss babe


Howdy, y’all! I’m Kellan Caldwell, owner / lead videographer / bug crusher / Mr. fix-it and husband to the boss over here at Cotton. In true Houstonian fashion, I left for 4 years for a finance degree at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, then promptly returned home.

It didn’t take too long after Michelle and I met that she recruited me to photograph weddings with her. What can I say? I couldn’t stand being apart from her on Saturdays and now I enjoy every minute I get to share in this part of her life. 

When I'm not moonlighting as a photographer/videographer with Cotton, I'm helping couples, families, & business owners like you merge their faith and finances to achieve their financial goals while giving back to the community.

If you choose the business finance breakout session, I'll get to sit down with you and really help you establish a budget, develop cash flow and income projections, protect the value of your business, 


meet michelle

meet alyssa

chief fun officer

I’m a Houston native who’s always had a pretty serious case of wanderlust. That sense of adventure led me to Colorado for a few years where I fell in love with the mountains, the crisp, bright air, and snowboarding, of course. 

Creativity has always been at the top of my list of values when it comes to my career. Naturally, I've always been drawn to the challenge and beauty of styling heirlooms, invitations and all the beautiful details that come together to tell a visual story.

When I’m not busy in the Cotton office, I’m usually having a Harry Potter or (insert HBO/Netflix show here) marathon whilst drinking craft beer and dreaming up my next travel adventure.

Most of all, it is a huge blessing to work on this team with my inspiring best friend and her husband doing something so beautiful and meaningful. Plus, I get a front row seat to watch these two lovebirds (or Michellan as I call them) do this crazy thing called new-parent life!


right hand woman

meet michelle

meet kellan

I’m a Houston native who’s always had a pretty serious case of wanderlust. That sense of adventure led me to Colorado for a few years where I fell in love with the mountains, the crisp, bright air, and snowboarding, of course. 

Creativity has always been at the top of my list of values when it comes to my career. Naturally, I've always been drawn to the challenge and beauty of styling heirlooms, invitations and all the beautiful details that come together to tell a visual story.

When I’m not busy in the Cotton office, I’m usually having a Harry Potter or (insert HBO show here) marathon whilst drinking craft beer and dreaming up my next travel adventure.


queen of kindness

meet michelle

meet kellan

We will show you exactly how we shoot, how we run our 6-figure business, how we grew our team, how we added video and #allthethings. We are completely open books about everything from pricing to what it’s really like to work with your husband!

We will guide you and help you wherever you are in your journey right now, we will walk with you and follow up with you.

And mostly we will encourage you! The fact you're even thinking about making this investment in your business just shows you have what it takes to make this dream work! 


We believe in community over competition

& that your education should be all about you and your goals!

Your dreams are WORTH fighting for!
You deserve this, friend. 

So are you in?! 

let's talk about

the investment

early bird ticket: $1875

regular ticket: $2175

The best Christmas present ever! Early bird pricing ends on December 14th at midnight!

Registration closes January 30th at midnight. 


Please note all ticket prices are subject to 8.25% sales tax.



We'll show you how we use natural light, how to shoot backlit by the sun and our minimalist take on night time lighting. Spoiler: No lugging around tons of lighting equipment! 

We will answer any Lightroom or Photoshop editing questions and teach you how to edit for consistency with efficiency.

blogging & seo


We will give you the tools to create a blogging workflow and improve your search ranking.

Alyssa, our styling queen, will teach you her no-fail tips, macro settings and styling tricks. Creativity time!


mission & heart

You can learn how to incorporate video into your business or even just for your personal life! Say hello to cute videos of your squishy babies! 

Finding the heart of your business and defining your mission! Because your why is the most important part!

social media & marketing

tools & systems

From social media to email marketing, we'll walk you through where you should really be spending your time!

We'll give you the lowdown on our tools and systems that keep this 6-figure photography business on auto pilot so we can sleep soundly!

online presence

We'll review a few websites and provide tips for website copy so you sound like a real person, not a robot on the internet! 

A little sneak peek of what we'll be teaching!

How to hone your craft, be a total boss & take control of your business!

are you in? 

 Let's go!

So, what do you think, are you in?



day three: Keep it up!

Optional Lifestyle Sunrise Session
Intro to Video 
Branding & Online Presence
Q&A: Ask us all the questions!
Lunch at Royers Cafe
Shooting around Round Top
Farewell but not goodbye!

DAY TWO: learn & Shoot

Discuss Systems, Tool Kit & Gear 
Mastering Editing
Breakout Session 1
Breakout Session 2
Social Media - Guest Speaker 
Wedding Styled Shoot with Skylar
Heartfelt chats
Pie & Ice Cream Party

Day one: show up (fully!)

3pm arrival at The Vintage Round Top
Intro & get to know each other
Headshots & shooting around the property
Welcome Dinner
Dive into your heart - Why are you here? 
Smores & PJ Party!

the workshop schedule

I recently did a mentorship with Michelle and The Cotton Team and it was the BEST thing I've done for my business so far. I'll be the first to tell you that I was a nervous wreck on the way to meet The Cotton Team. I was terrified to share my weaknesses in my business but the moment I met Michelle and the Cotton team all those fears just went away. They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel more like a sweet friend. Michelle truly made me feel like the most important person and that my struggles were ones that others starting a business have. She truly explained what she felt my weaknesses were and taught me things I could do to improve my business in the kindest way possible. She has been so thoughtful and helpful even after the mentorship and has helped me and my business in more ways than I can count. I highly recommend taking the leap with Cotton. Be ready for your business to grow in ways you never thought it could! 

- Kaiti Moyers

kaiti moyers photography

don't just take it from us ...

So, how do you know if this is for you?

The overwhelm of your new photography business and wearing all the hats has you paralyzed! 

You don’t know what to prioritize and how to get it all done. 

The comparison game on Instagram is making you think your photography isn’t good enough. 

You aren’t sure if your pricing is where it needs to be.

You love photographing families but are dying to break into the lucrative TX wedding market. 

Your solo-preneur journey is lonelier than you thought it’d be and you are craving a like-minded community of encouraging and uplifting photographer besties that you deserve!

you've had a photography business for a few years and you feel like:

You are a sweet soul who loves photography but loves people even more!

You want to turn this hobby that all your friends say you are so good at into something profitable so  that new $3000 camera purchase is totally warranted!  

You stay up late searching on Pinterest for things like “photography tips”, “how to start a photography business” and "cute engagement session poses".

You want to value yourself and your work enough to feel good about charging more than $100. 

Most importantly, you want to turn those photography dreams into reality so you can be home with your babies before they aren’t babies anymore (or your fur babies!) 

You are ready to take the jump to start your photography business!

have questions?

Have any questions? Don’t worry! We want to make sure The Cotton Collective Workshop is a good fit for you! 

Send any and all questions to and we will answer them ASAP! 

send us an email


each other & build each other up

1 Colossians 5:11