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Our Favorite Christmas Tradition & 25 Week Pregnancy Update

Our Favorite Caldwell Christmas Tradition

Most of my family lives in California, a few thousand miles too far away in my opinion! With the holidays, it always makes it harder. Often, they’ll come to Texas for Christmas, which we are so grateful for! But this year we really wanted to go out there. Unfortunately, with Harvey and how much we’ve traveled this year already, it just didn’t make sense. Plus, knowing I’ll be 7 months pregnant at Christmas didn’t help either.

If we were going to California for Christmas, we were going to forgo the tree this year. Once we made the decision not to go, Kellan surprised me with a Christmas Tree shopping date! He really knows the way to my heart.

I’m the girl that’s been listening to Christmas music since September! Go ahead and judge me, or join me! ; ) I don’t care. Every year, without fail, Christmas seems to go by way too fast so I guess it’s my way of celebrating as long as possible! Anyone with me?! No, okay, I’ll just rock around the Christmas tree all by myself. ; )

A Real Christmas Tree

Every year since we’ve been married, we go out and find the perfect tree! I know fake trees are way more economical but there’s just something about a real tree that I can’t resist. Being the smart financial advisor that he is, Kellan asked if I wanted to do a fake tree this year. I think my James Harden eye roll said it all and he won’t be asking again! ; )

I just love that real trees aren’t perfect or symmetrical. Each year the tree is unique and leans a little funny. And I like that! It reminds me of our perfectly imperfect life! The smell creates an added bonus too!

I was tempted by this gorgeous blue tree but I had to stay true to the OG colors! Plus, I don’t think Kellan was feeling it.

Once he found “the one”, he couldn’t help but hug it and throw it on the top of the car! I was pretty excited too! I can’t wait for Kinsey to get here so we can do all of our Caldwell traditions with her by our side.


25 Weeks Pregnant

How did that even happen? I’m almost into my third trimester already, guys! With the holidays here, I know March is practically tomorrow.

The first trimester wiped me out for sure. Especially with traveling nonstop, Harvey, and so many life changes. We finally have some normalcy around here so my second wind is kicking in. We have a lot of changes happening behind the scenes of Cotton with preparing for her arrival! Can’t wait to share those with you soon!

Our Kinsey girl is a total wiggle worm and I love it! She always manages to sleep when I’m sleeping so that’s helpful! I appreciate her not waking me up in the middle of the night… at least not yet anyway! : ) My body is expanding at a rapid rate but hey, I can’t complain too much! I’m grateful to have this experience!

Once we got home, we decorated the tree while watching Elf, another tradition we plan to continue once little Kinsey gets here!

Before decorating, we thought it’d be fun to put our video skills to good use for a little timelapse! Hope you enjoy our ridiculousness!

I had to include a handful of our favorite outtakes from this silly adventure!

**Disclaimer: The bottle is totally sparkling cider! : ) **

Now that the tree is done, bring on the Christmas cookies! I’ll be sharing my favorite Christmas baking tradition soon along with the recipe! What are your favorite holiday traditions?


Michelle & Kellan

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Cocktails, baby giggles, best friends
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in love & engaged, let's elope (!)
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