Because, trust me momma, I want to freeze this time too. Our babies will never be as little as they are today. 

Happy,                         photos to help you remember the                  years of your life




What we're about

Helping the modern mom find joy & fun in creating                                   through warm & happy family photos

a family legacy

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Through every sweet phase of motherhood, we create warm and happy photos that serve as a true reflection of your family’s love!

That’s the kind of legacy we want to help you leave behind, one overflowing with love, play, family hugs, and all the snuggles! 

For sweet families who want to leave a love-filled legacy through lifestyle family  photography & heirloom albums.

Sun-soaked Lifestyle Family Photography

Mama, taking photos of your littles can be tough, so let’s make editing EASY! Create frame-worthy photos in one-click with our Cotton Mobile Presets! 

Cotton Lightroom Mobile Presets

           &                Mobile Presets to make photos of your everyday life even                  




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 from one mom to another

from one mom to another

“I’m                           😭😩 You’re so incredibly talented! I want to cry at how amazing these are... beyond incredible! I can’t believe you captured so many beautiful moments of our family. I’m seriously in awe that these are our photos! 😭”

Michelle G.


"She has captured such precious times in our lives so far - our son's first birthday and our baby girl's first few days in the world. To trust someone with these precious moments demonstrates that she's got it all!

"She captures the pure joy (along with silliness & craziness in between) of life. I knew she would be our family photographer for life."

Not only is she incredibly talented, but she's so easy to work with and an absolute pleasure to be with. We are so thankful to have found Michelle and recommend her wholeheartedly!"


"These are                       Thank you times a million!! You spent so much time with us! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you! We haven’t had photos in so long... Now I’m hooked, so sign us up for more! I can’t tell you how happy I am!”


so good!

"Michelle, I cannot rave enough about our beautiful newborn photos! I for sure thought we didn't get a single shot because my husband was late, my toddler was a mess and my newborn was wide awake and fussy, but..."

"You worked your magic and made us look like we had it all together (& caught some of the crazy too 😂)."

"You were so patient and so great with my toddler and newborn. I am so grateful for your talent and capturing our family!" 


After 13+ years of photographing life's biggest & sweetest moments like saying "I do" and adding little blessings to your family, it's clear to me just how important your legacy is.

meet michelle

Love my hubby, Kellan, well  #Beating50percent

Raise kind humans.

Pass down all the best cookie recipes to my girls.

Create a children’s book.

Leave a legacy of kindness (and cookies!).

My Life goals: 

My legacy goals:

Commemorate daily life in annual family albums.

Create a cookbook of our favorite family recipes.

Bake with the girls every Sunday.

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas all year long!

Love people well and be a disciple of Jesus 

I love sharing what I've learned as a mom of littles and as a photographer with other moms who want to know how to savor every season and leave a meaningful legacy!

3 Tips for Newborn Photos at Home

3 Tips Before Buying All the Baby Things

On the


To me, it's all about

Its family traditions like picking wild grapes and making jam every summer. Its skills and stories you pass down with intention. It's those family recipes that make your house feel like home. And it's printed photos and heirloom albums documenting every ounce of your life and the love around you! 

Leaving a legacy is more than what you leave in your bank account. 

Your legacy is a piece of your heart. 

In my family, it's delicacies like my dad's famous steak rub. It's dreaming big dreams and fearless entrepreneurship. It's time well spent playing games and just being together. 

It's all of those sweet memories wrapped up in annual photo albums to look back on year after year. 

family legacy.

Meet Kellan

CFO (Chief Fun Officer), second shooter, bug crusher, Mr. Fix-It and my super husband!

If you stick around, you'll see him making all the silly faces at our Holiday Sessions or making kids laugh with his next level dad jokes! He is a true kid at heart and I love him to pieces! 

When he's not making our girls laugh or making my dreams come to life, he helps families merge their faith and finances to achieve their financial goals while giving back to the community as a financial advisor with Thrivent Financial. So he's basically a super hero! 

Our two littles

We are completely obsessed with our girls Kinsey & Emery, the sweetest little duo! 

They've been besties since day one ... as long as Emy doesn't play with Kinsey's toys! Ha, we are working on sharing every day! 

Kinsey (almost 3) is just like her daddy; funny, sweet and so silly! She is a total 1 on the enneagram, a true perfectionist! 

Our little brunette, Emery (1) is easy-going, sweet as could be and shy around new people, having lived most of her life during quarantine 2020!

My favorite things

My Favorite Things

Baking is my go-to when I want to share a little joy with someone I love! 

As a California/Texas girl, I could live off of BBQ,  avocados, salads, kombucha and cookies (of course!).

Baking is my love language. 

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The Enneagram (Type 2 the Helper here!)

I'm a total Enneagram nerd! I love learning about personalities. Both my own and about those I love dearly. I am Type 2, the helper! Tell me what you are and we could chat for hours!  

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Helping (& baking) is my love language!