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Jenna & Tony | The Bell Tower Houston Wedding

Soft Blush & Gold | The Bell Tower Houston Wedding Photographer

It’s not every Saturday that we start photographing weddings at 8 am but I have to say Jenna & Tony’s Bell Tower on 34th wedding was worth every ounce of getting up early!  The sun shined brightly on these two lovebirds, they cried reading their letters from each other and it was definitely one of our all time favorite weddings.  The whole day went off without a hitch, which in the wedding world is practically unheard of.  Jenna looked stunning in the dress designed by her cousin, Kelly Faetanini and you know Tony melted seeing her for the first time!

The Belltower on 34th Houston Wedding PhotographerTexas Hill Country engagement photographer_0033

From our lovely Cotton bride, Jenna:

“We had family and friends fly/drive in from over 20 hours away to share in our special day. Having all of our family together in one place for the first time was so fun!  We chose the Bell Tower because we fell in love with the architecture and beauty when we attended a friend’s wedding there. We chose the Bell Tower because every photo we saw taken there was gorgeous regardless of the decor.  My dress designer was the easiest choice of the whole wedding. I knew from the moment my cousin Kelly started her own bridal company, that I would wear one of her wedding dresses on my wedding day. We flew to New York and custom designed the dress from multiple dresses in her other collections from over the years. It was magical watching Kelly, 7-8 months pregnant pinning 3 dresses together to create my dream dress!

From our handsome Cotton groom, Tony:

“I love how caring and helpful Jenna is.  I knew that her dress was going to be special, and there was a lot of build up during our whole engagement for her dress. Seeing her in her dress blew any expectations I had out of the water. I will forever cherish that moment alone with her.”

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0002Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0003Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0004Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0005Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0006Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0010Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0011Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0012Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0013Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0014Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0015

Jenna’s advice for future #cottoncouples:

“Choose your vendors wisely, don’t skimp on the things that are important to you. Shop around for things that are not as important to you. I had no idea how expensive florals and invitations were. Our florist was an amazing find, and we loved her! She drove to Austin to make sure that I had a peony bouquet that I so desperately wanted.

We ended up choosing a print shop in Jenna’s hometown in Ohio to print our invitations and all paper items. It was very special since they printed my parent’s wedding invitations, and many other special events as I was growing up.  Also, we heard about how quickly the wedding day will pass and to soak it in. Well photos and video are forever, so we decided to invest in an amazing photographer.

Enjoy the time that you have planning your wedding. We started a year and a half before our wedding day and we thought we had all the time in the world but it creeps up on you!  Soak up the special moments throughout the process.  Take a moment on your wedding day to be alone, enjoy the excitement, and your last few moments as a single man/woman.

Lastly, don’t sweat the small stuff.  I was amazed at how in the moment of the day, the small details that I was worried about everyone else noticing meant nothing to me. All that mattered was the man standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me.”

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0009Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0017Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0016You have to make sure the groom’s hair is perfect too, right!?  : ) #bestmanoftheyear
Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0018Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0019Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0020How darling is Jenna’s sweet little flower girl, Laney!  I’ll just add this gold and blush outfit to my wish list please!

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0021

If their letter readings made us teary, we didn’t stand a chance at their first look!

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0022Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0023Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0024Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0025Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0026Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0027Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0028Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0029Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0030Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0031Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0032Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0033

Jenna, you really rocked the whole bride look babe!

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0034Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0035Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0037Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0038Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0039Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0040Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0041

Jenna and her cousin, Kelly the fabulous designer, had a special moment right before the ceremony.

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0042Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0043Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0044Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0045Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0048Everyone’s tears streamed down their cheeks as Jenna walked down the aisle!

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0049Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0050Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0051Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0052Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0053Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0054Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0055Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0056Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0057Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0059Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0060

“I will always remember the first dances I shared with my new husband and my dad. You are in a room full of loved ones, but in those moments it was just my dad and I or my husband and I. We laughed, cried and just enjoyed every minute of our special time together.”  – Jenna

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0061Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0062Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0064Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0058Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0068Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0069Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0065These cakes were top notch, y’all!  And if you know me, you know I do cake! : D

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0067Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0070Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0071Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0072Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0073Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0074Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0075Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0076Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0077“I’ve got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away” … Can you feel it?!
Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0078“The special rap performance by our groomsman was also a highlight. We joked with him for over a year that he would rap at our reception. He has the Houston Cougars making the Peach Bowl in Atlanta to thank for that! The long drive gave him plenty of time to showcase his mad skills.” – Jenna

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0080Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0081Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0082Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0083Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0084Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0085Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0086Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0087I don’t know who was more excited to drive this beauty around, Tony or the valet!

Belltower Houston Wedding Photographer_0088Jenna & Tony, we are thrilled for you two and can’t wait to see what this next adventure brings y’all!   Thank you for allowing us to be your photographers during this sweet time!


Michelle & Kellan

Amazing vendors:

Venue: The Bell Tower on 34th  |  Photo & Video: Cotton | Florist: Hollywood N Vines | Jewelry: Kendra Scott | Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse | BM Dresses: David’s Bridal | DJ: Trey Garcia | Cake: Cakes by Jula | Wedding Coordinator: Debbie Spurr | HMU: Britany Fuller | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Linens: House of Hough | Invites: Loris Printing



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