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Carrie & Doug’s Date in Round Top

You guys!! This might be my favorite session this year!  Not only do I just ADORE Carrie & Doug, but also I am kind of obsessed with Round Top, Texas!  When I was talking to Doug about the session, we were chatting about locations and I mentioned Royer’s Pie Haven & how amazing it is! : ) {We had their pies at our wedding a few months ago!}  Carrie LOVES pie so Doug decided to surprise her with this little date! : )
Carrie's Mat blog images-1Carrie's Mat blog images-2If you’ve never been to Round Top, you are missing out! This place is a dream!

Carrie's Mat blog images-3Carrie's Mat blog images-4Carrie's Mat blog images-5Carrie's Mat blog images-6How adorable are these two!?! : )

Carrie's Mat blog images-7Carrie's Mat blog images-8Carrie's Mat blog images-9Carrie's Mat blog images-10Carrie's Mat blog images-11Carrie's Mat blog images-12Carrie, you make pregnancy look AMAZING!!

Carrie's Mat blog images-13Carrie's Mat blog images-14Carrie's Mat blog images-15After pie, we headed to Royer’s Cafe for one of “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives” favorite spots!  … and yes, we did do Pie first ; ) Life is short, you know?! : )

Carrie's Mat blog images-16Here is the famous Bud Royer doing what he does best, making everyone feel welcomed!

Carrie's Mat blog images-17Carrie's Mat blog images-18Carrie's Mat blog images-19Carrie's Mat blog images-20Carrie's Mat blog images-21Carrie's Mat blog images-22As if Round Top could get any cuter, we walked over to their little chapel …

Carrie's Mat blog images-23Carrie's Mat blog images-24Carrie's Mat blog images-25Carrie's Mat blog images-26This girl?!? Seriously, she is insanely gorgeous!

Carrie's Mat blog images-27Carrie's Mat blog images-28Carrie's Mat blog images-29Carrie's Mat blog images-30Carrie's Mat blog images-31Carrie and I are slightly obsessed with the idea of wanting a baby cow so look what we found! : )

Carrie's Mat blog images-32Carrie's Mat blog images-33Carrie's Mat blog images-34Carrie's Mat blog images-35Carrie's Mat blog images-36Carrie's Mat blog images-37Carrie's Mat blog images-38Carrie's Mat blog images-39Cutest. Parents. EVER!

Carrie's Mat blog images-40Carrie's Mat blog images-41Oh and did I mention they are having a boy?! : ) Carrie's Mat blog images-42Carrie's Mat blog images-43Carrie's Mat blog images-44Carrie's Mat blog images-45This guy stole my heart!

Carrie's Mat blog images-46I think this was a dream come true for all of us…

Carrie's Mat blog images-47Carrie's Mat blog images-48Carrie's Mat blog images-49… until this guy came along running after us and we didn’t have the fence between us anymore … HA!

Carrie's Mat blog images-50Carrie's Mat blog images-51Carrie's Mat blog images-52Carrie's Mat blog images-53Carrie's Mat blog images-54

Carrie & Doug, we are so so happy for you two!  Your little boy is going to be such a cutie & so very loved!  Thank you so much for asking me to photograph this amazing time in your life! Wow…such an honor!


  1. Nimarta Randhawa Sara

    May 28th, 2015 at 1:03 am

    Best Wishes and Good Luck Carrie and Doug!

  2. Heike Hogan

    May 28th, 2015 at 6:06 am

    you two look sooo happy and Carrie you look absolutly beautiful and radiant with joy.
    hugs Heike

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Cocktails, baby giggles, best friends
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