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3 Tips for Newborn Twins Parents | Houston Newborn Photographer

Two is always better than one right? In this case, yes! I am overjoyed that Britni and Tony chose me as their photographer! I had so much fun with this sweet at home newborn photography session.

I’m so excited to be sharing Britni’s 3 tips for surviving newborn life with twins along with her 3 big registry must-haves!

They not only have the cutest neutral twin boy nursery but even cuter little twin boys, Liam and Grayson.

Britni said “Having one newborn will turn your world upside down, so having two of them is a little crazy! But it is chaos in the best possible way!”  I know mommas of one newborn baby can agree that this journey is crazy the moment it begins! Now just imagine that doubled!

“Two babies, two coffees – I recently went back to work and this is my current mantra. You’re stronger than you think and an extra cup of coffee goes a long way!” – Britni

Houston Newborn Photographer

3 Survival Tips for Newborn Parents

Britni lets us in on some helpful tips for twins. So we had to share her experience to hopefully help other twin newborn parents out there!

How many of you waited to do newborn pictures because your twin boy nursery isn’t ready?

Did your baby/babies not come home when you planned?

Maybe you can’t find the perfect Houston newborn photographer?

There are a lot of things that can get in the way of documenting these precious moments that go so quickly. I can remember like yesterday my little Kinsey girl so tiny, now she is already one!

Houston Newborn Family Photographer

#1: Embrace your story & schedule an at-home newborn photography session!

“I let the fact that my babies didn’t come home at the same time and my nursery was far from complete deter me from scheduling newborns, and I regret that. Embrace your story. And if you miss that window, schedule an at home newborn photography session anyways because much to my dismay, they’re only getting bigger! We are so grateful to have this precious time in our lives documented so beautifully.” – Britni

The mess, your tired eyes and all the in-between are all part of your story. A story that you will one day tell your precious twin babies about. One that will forever be held in your heart, and in newborn pictures too!

Houston Newborn PhotographerHouston Newborn PhotographerI’m convinced twin moms are just superheroes in casual clothes. Britni did such an amazing job with this twin boy nursery!

#2: Grace upon grace

“Be kind to yourself and your significant other. You’re learning together, you’re tired together, and most importantly, you’re loving together. It’s pretty special to be a twin parent, and when it feels like too much, lean on one another and know that it’s totally normal to need help. We couldn’t have survived my hospital stay, the boys’ NICU stay, or the early days at home without help from one another!” – Britni

Showing love and grace allow you to refuel your spouse to keep going, and vice versa!

Houston Family PhotographerHouston Family Photographer

#3: Keep them on a schedule!

“Keep them on the same schedule – So so important. An extended NICU stay had many challenges, but a definite benefit was that our babies were used to a schedule that we were able to continue once we were home. We are way too Type A to wing it; knowing a rough outline of our day was/is beneficial for all of us. Plus, it helps prevent confusion on who has eaten, had a diaper change, etc.” – Britni

I think all the newborn mommas out there can agree that Mom Brain is a real thing!! Keeping our littles on a clear schedule can help with that for sure.

Houston Newborn Photographer Houston Newborn photographer

3 Must-haves for Newborn Twins

During her at home newborn photography session, I asked Britni what her big registry must-haves were! There are so many must-have lists for babies but having twins adds a whole other element! Here are a few of Britni’s favorite things that she couldn’t live without!

#1: Halo Twin Bassinet

“The Bassinet is large, but it is so convenient to have both babies safely sleeping in the same spot.”

Having both of your love muffins in the same sleeper helps on so many levels. It helps the sleepy parents and it also helps the sleepy babies too! Babies who are in the womb together still feel connected out of the womb as well, so putting them in the same sleeper tends to result in a better quality of sleep for your babies! They feel comfortable, connected and reliant on one another.

Houston Newborn photographer

#2: Taking Cara Babies online course

Something that we have been hearing a lot about is the Taking Cara Babies online newborn class!

“It provides techniques to calm a fussy baby and begin to instill positive sleep habits far before babies are ready for actual sleep training.” – Britni

Houston Newborn photographer

#3: Mesa Car Seat

“The Mesa car seat is safe for babies as small as 4 lbs. Grayson was only 5 1/2 lbs when we brought him home!” – Britni

When it comes to newborn twins, they are typically premie babies so having a car seat that accommodates babies that size is very helpful!

Houston Newborn Family Photographer Houston Newborn photographer Houston Newborn photographerHouston Newborn Photographer Houston Newborn photographer Houston Newborn photographer Houston Newborn photographer Houston Newborn photographer Houston Newborn photographer Houston Newborn photographerHouston Newborn photographerHouston Newborn photographer Houston Newborn Family photographer Houston Family PhotographerHouston Newborn Photographer Houston Newborn Photographer Houston Newborn Photographer Houston Newborn Photographer Houston Newborn Family Photographer

“When you really need a boost, imagine what it must be like to have triplets! 🙂 Bless them!” – Britni
It is never quite as bad as your mind makes you believe! Always have faith and give grace.
Thank you, Britni and Tony, for sharing such sweet words and inspiring twin parents out there that they can do it too! And thank you for choosing me to photograph Grayson & Liam’s at home newborn photography session!

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