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5 Tips to Survive Fall Family Photos with Toddlers

Alright, mommas! I want to take the stress out of family photos so I’m sharing 5 tips to survive fall photos with toddlers! Let’s make this year THE year you are relaxed and just being present with your family!

5 tips to survive fall family photos with toddlers

Fall Family Photos Houston

Tip #1: Plan your outfits ahead of time

Color coordinating is the best way to go. Figure out what you want to wear first and plan the family accordingly. It’s best to have at least one fun pattern or design in there and accessories make all the difference! Check out our fall outfit inspiration here and throughout this post.

Please don’t stress yourself out by going shopping on the day of. As soon as you book your session, start planning what to wear. I always love checking out the baby/kids section of Zara for a fun, modern look for the kids.

The most important part is that you are comfortable and feel good about what you are wearing! Still not sure? Check out our 5 tips on what to wear for family photos here!

Houston Photography Fall Minis

Tip #2: Bring a few of your toddler’s favorite things

No one knows your kiddos better than you! Do they love a certain song? Is Baby Shark a sure-fire way to get them to smile? Tell your photographer and make sure that song is playing on repeat! : D

Bring along a favorite toy, beloved lovey or something that makes them smile. The photographer can use it above the camera to get them to smile.

Fall Mini Session Photographer HoustonFall Mini Photographer Houston

Tip #3: Keep them active, doing the things they love!

I always like to start with the family all together to get any sweet photos that we can before any potential meltdowns. We start with family hugs and kisses if they are happy in their parent’s arms.

But everyone knows toddlers love to run around and play! So asking them to sit still and pose maybe not be an option for you and that’s okay! Let them be little. Don’t stress about it. Let them explore and play!

If they smile every time daddy throws them in the air, make sure to do that while snuggling close to your hubby.

Or maybe your toddler likes to swing between your arms while y’all walk! Make sure to do the fun things that make your kiddo smile big!

houston family minis

Because we all know how big parents smile when they see a smile on their sweet baby’s face! : D

Smiling kiddo and smiling parents sounds like the perfect fall family photo to me!

fall mini photographers houston family photography

Tip #4: Bring water and snacks

Snacks are always a good way to prevent meltdowns and water is just necessary for all that running around! : )

Also, please make sure to eat ahead of time! This goes for everyone. Hangry dads are almost as bad as hangry toddlers, am I right? ; )

Most of the time, fall photos are outside around sunset time, which in Texas is 4 – 7 pm. If your toddler goes to bed at 6:30 or earlier, I’d recommend waiting until after daylight saving in November. The sunset is closer to 5:30 in November/December so you’ll still be able to get those glowing sunset photos without risking total meltdown mode.

I’m not big into bribes but if you know your kiddo will smile for a little cookie treat, then totally bring them! : ) I’m not above it one bit.

families fall mini houston fall family minis

Tip #5: RELAX and embrace this season of life!

You might not like hearing this but this is the most important tip for surviving fall family photos with toddlers!

First of all, children feed off their parent’s energy. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they’ll be.

Your toddler might not sit still and they might not smile perfectly looking at the camera. You know what? That’s OKAY! That’s just life right now. Don’t try to make them someone they aren’t right now.

Toddlers are silly, goofy, and love to play. Lean into that! They will only be little for a few years. Play with them, run with them, tickle them and let your photographer capture your life how it is right now!

Fall Minis Houston Photographer Fall Minis Houston Photographer

BONUS TIP: Choose to do a fall mini session

Now that I have a toddler, I totally understand fall mini sessions. Most toddlers have about a 20-minute window of cooperation and attention.

That’s why our Houston Fall Mini sessions are quick and easy, just 20 minutes outside where your little one can run and play!

Want the details for our Houston Fall Minis in October or Christmas Minis in November? Join the Cotton family here! 

Hope you enjoyed our 5 tips to survive fall family photos with toddlers! Maybe this will make this year the best year ever!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some cooler weather and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING! Have fun and enjoy the season, momma! You deserve it!



P.S. I just had a share a photo of our sweet Kinsey girl from last year! What a little chunk! Can’t wait to compare this one to our fall family photos this year!

houston fall baby mini

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