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Sarah & Jay | River Oaks Garden Club Wedding

We were absolutely smitten with Sarah and Jay’s romantic church ceremony and River Oaks Garden Club wedding! Of course, we fawned over the soft ivory florals and elegant details. What photographers wouldn’t?! Every bit of the styling was a delight!

However, one truly special thing really captured our hearts! Without a doubt what set Sarah and Jay’s special day apart was their ever present love for each other and absolutely everyone around! They epitomized God’s radiant love! As a part of their team, we were able to witness the remarkable kindness and faithful joy (Sarah’s word for their day!) every bride and groom should experience on their wedding day! The depth of their happiness was felt in every hug and present in every moment!

Read on for some sweet words from Sarah, advice to future couples and beautiful moments from their day!

Houston First Baptist | Wedding Ceremony

Jay and I had been attending Houston’s First Baptist Church separately before we started dating, and began going together once we started to date. It is such a special place for us, and we thought it would be a great reminder to see where we got married every Sunday when we go to church.

The chapel was the perfect size and it truly was a gift from the Lord that they had an opening in our short time frame of engagement, just 4 months. – Sarah

I picked out a new perfume to wear for our wedding day and it was called Joy by Dior, which is exactly what I felt all weekend long! – Sarah

Sarah’s stunning ring wowed as her ‘something blue’. Her mother shared this special gem, as well as pearls, from their family’s private collection of jewels. Such a charming detail to share with your daughter on her special day!

Jay surprised me with a set of diamond earrings that matched the necklace he gave me for Christmas. I was so surprised! – Sarah

Sarah’s girls were delightful in person. They never stopped smiling and gushed over their love for Sarah. And who could blame them? Sarah, you are a gem!!

These sisters were #weddingdaygoals in their soft pink gowns. Sarah wanted each of her girls to feel comfortable AND beautiful by showcasing their personal style in the dress they chose!

Can we just say Jay’s guys were so fun! We were cracking up all day. Usually, it takes guys a little while to warm up in front of the camera, but they were born ready to celebrate! Especially Jay’s dad! Rachel loved all the high fives and their endless energy!

I think it’s safe to say Jay loved his new cufflinks. His beautiful bride surprised him with these custom engraved cufflinks just before their ceremony. He traded them out immediately and proudly showed them off!

We LOVED that Sarah and Jay’s family and friends prayed over them before they became man and wife!! This is such a special moment we so enjoyed capturing for them!

Aww, the look on their faces said it all! Sarah and Jay could not wait to be married!

Our wedding ceremony was so special. It was important to both of us to have our friends gather around us and pray for us individually and for our marriage, as our wedding was just one day, but our marriage is for the rest of our lives. We both teared up when they gathered around us!

Having all of our friends and family who traveled large distances to support us on our wedding day was the best! Seeing all of the faces who we love so much in one place was truly an unforgettable memory. All four of my grandparents were able to attend our wedding and that was the best gift I could have been given!  – Sarah

A devoted marriage takes dedication from not only the bride and groom, but all those they love! Tears all around as we shared in this heartfelt moment.

Newly married giggles are the BEST!!! These are truly the moments that melt our hearts!

Jay and I both wanted a beautiful venue for our reception and the River Oaks Garden Club was just perfect for our special day. The greenery and beautiful flowers fit our theme and made us feel like we were a part of a fairytale.  – Sarah

The River Oaks Garden Club | Wedding Reception

Happy grooms are the definitely the best grooms! Can we get an Amen?! We loved Jay’s nonstop smiles and excitement.

Sarah and her girls were definitely #goals with their dreamy updo’s from Empire Faces.

Everyone needs a good, silly moment with their siblings to celebrate! We love when our Cotton Couples feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera!

Jay is so kind and caring. He truly puts my needs above his own and has such a servant’s heart. Also, he’s incredibly handsome! – Sarah

Jay’s kind heart and the love he shows me is my favorite part of our relationship. Jay never stops appreciating even the little things I do. He’s my biggest encourager and my most faithful confidant. He supports me in all that I do and I feel so blessed to call him my husband. – Sarah

After some sweet sunset portraits with these lovebirds, it was time to get the party started!!

Jay’s Favorite Moment

Seeing Sarah in her dress for the first time walking down the aisle towards me, and our first dance that we did to Frank Sinatra’s song “The Way You Look Tonight”.

These two owned the dance floor! Sarah and Jay shared with us at their first meeting how thrilled they were to dance together as man and wife. Needless to say we were looking forward to this moment for months! For the record, they did NOT disappoint!

The style of our wedding was timeless, classic, and simply elegant with a fun party vibe for the reception. Many of our guests were from out of state as Jay is from Maine, and I am from Georgia so we wanted to make it fun for everyone. We had fajitas and a margarita machine to keep the party going!

A taste of Texas was in order for our guests, and what better place than to have Pappasito’s cater! I’m in the food industry, and they are some of my favorite clients to work with. I knew I had to ask them to do my wedding, and we could not have enjoyed it more! 

Also, we’re still drooling over these beautiful cakes from our dear friendor (vendor friend) Carla from Whisk Bakery! Her cakes are oh so yummy!! We love recommending the very best in Houston Vendors! If you ever need a vendor suggestion, we are happy to help!

Advice to future couples from Sarah & Jay

No one will know if something goes wrong on the day of, except you. Relax, sit back, and enjoy every moment because the day absolutely flies by!

Make sure to make time for each other outside of the wedding planning. It’s so important, especially as the days draw nearer! Make the little moments special. Whether it’s your last night in your apartment, moving your things into your new place, or opening wedding gifts, remember that this is the person you were blessed to spend the rest of your life with! There is nothing better than coming home to your best friend!

Sarah and Jay’s friends and family were crushing the dance floor while DJ Dave kept the party going!

Jay and I had a private last dance at the end of the night to one of our favorite songs by Dierks Bentley called “Woman, Amen” and that was truly an unforgettable moment. – Sarah

Sarah and Jay finished the night with one of our favorite moments, a private last dance! This was the perfect way to wrap up their fabulous reception and, bonus, this gave us just a moment to go over the plan for the exit! It’s so tempting to make a dash for your getaway car, especially if the car is only a couple steps away!

Trust us, the dip, cheer, or however you choose to perfectly end your night should not be skipped! If you’re soon to-be-wed, remember to enjoy the moment and take your time during the exit so we can capture the perfect moment!

Clearly, Sarah and Jay perfected THE Casablanca level kiss!

Sarah and Jay, we are so honored to capture the beginning of your real life fairy tale romance. Thank you for sharing your hearts with us! We wish you all the happiness imaginable!

Amazing Team of Vendors

Ceremony: First Baptist | Reception: River Oaks Garden Club Wedding | Hair & Makeup: Empire Faces | Dress & Jewelry: Weddings by Debbie | DJ: DJ Dave | Coordination: Bailey Madison Events | Catering: Pappas | Cakes: Whisk Bakery

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Cocktails, baby giggles, best friends
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