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The Best Photography Business Decision I’ve Ever Made

I’ve been in business for almost a decade now. As expected, I’ve made a lot of decisions, both good and bad over the years. But today, I’m so excited to share the absolute best business decision I’ve made this year, hiring a photography business coach!

Last year, the best business decision I made was finding a virtual assistant to help take over my email inbox. It was truly life-changing and worth every penny! If you’re feeling the overwhelm of your own business, you need to find someone to help! Trust me!

Even though it’s only April, I can without a doubt tell you already that hiring a business coach is the best business decision I’ve ever made!

If this is something you have thought about, I’m sharing all about the process of finding my coach and the impact it’s having in my business!

houston entrepreneur photography

The Inspiration

One of my best friends is probably the most business savvy woman I’ve literally ever met. It’s truly a blessing to call Lindsay my business bestie. She’s doing some big things, y’all!

I’m constantly inspired sitting in this front row seat for her epic business adventure.

lindsay lucas

(Boss babe, Lindsay, the expert venue consultant, with her favorite book.)

Along the way, she’s truly bringing everyone around her up. I heard this once and can’t seem to get it out of my head. Big people make other people think big too. Small people want you to stay small because they are afraid to be left behind.

Lindsay is the epitome of this! She is literally bringing everyone around her UP to a whole other level!

She’s done every sort of modern business education you can think of, from courses to masterminds to one-on-one coaching. Watching her rapid growth inspired me to find the right type of education.

lindsay lucas

Always Be Learning

I’m going to be real for a second, k? I got so caught up on the fact that I went to photography school. I felt like I knew all I needed to know about photography and how to run my photography business. However, I became so stagnant.

Being a photography coach, I didn’t think I needed a coach myself. But, boy, was I wrong!

I came to realize continuing my education was so important. Most importantly, my business education!

What I really needed to do was hire a business coach to guide me. Someone who could really take my business to the next level.

Honestly, I wanted someone to help me see my strengths and help me visualize where to take my business. So much has changed since having a baby and my business is constantly evolving.

Once I realized that I was on the hunt for the perfect one-on-one business coach.

houston photography coach

Finding my business coach

With the rise of online courses and education, finding someone willing to do one-on-one was harder than I thought it’d be!

I searched for months looking for my business coach. It’s typically such a big investment that I really wanted to find the right person.

I looked online and scoured Instagram for months. After a chat with a photographer friend, I was able to get honest feedback about the coaches she had.

Neither of her coaches really fit the vibe I was looking for. But she mentioned D’Arcy Benincosa’s name excitedly. She had a friend that hired her recently. Her friend shared the great experience she had with D’Arcy! I was IN!

After a long chat with D’Arcy, I knew she could help take me to the next level. She was the perfect fit for me!

It really goes to show that word of mouth is still truly a powerful marketing tool. 

If you are looking for a business coach, ask your friends, ask your local Tuesday’s Together facebook group! Don’t be afraid to ask people outside of your industry too!

Investing in a business coach means investing in Yourself

Y’all, I don’t even know if I looked at my coach’s website before mentally deciding she was the best fit for me! That’s crazy! But I like to call it fate!

Before I actually booked though, I did check everything and found that she is even more legit than I realized!

After doing some research, I knew I’d need to invest about $600 to 1500+ per month for a few months to really get what I needed out of a coach.

While D’Arcy is on the higher end, I know one thing for certain: You get what you pay for!

And that has never been truer. She has been invaluable to me and my business so far and we aren’t even halfway done y’all!

Choosing D’Arcy to me means choosing to succeed. It means I can power through all this (sometimes scary) change because I have someone on my side coaching me!

Change is good. Change is EXCITING! But it is without a doubt overwhelming!

houston photography coach

Impact of Having a business coach

Hiring a business coach was EXACTLY what I needed in January. I was at a complete standstill with my business. Struggling on my own, I just couldn’t figure out what direction to take the business.

Since finding D’Arcy and working through these struggles in my business, my life has truly changed! That might seem a bit dramatic but I promise you, it’s not!

You know why? It completely re-ignited the fire in my business!

By investing SO much in a business coach, (and believe me, it was scary!) I’m actually investing SO much in MYSELF!

Saying yes to her actually meant saying yes to ME. I was saying yes to my dreams, my goals, and my freakin’ potential!

girl boss photography

Do You Need A Coach for your business?

This has been a pivotal point in my business. In case you too are at that point, I just had to share this with you.

I really would take the bet that almost every super successful business owner you are inspired by is supported by their own business coach.

So, do you need one? Maybe! Do you need someone to come along, hold your hand and coach you through your business struggles?

Honestly, I’m convinced that all business owners need this to some degree. 

But if hiring a coach isn’t in the budget right now, consider writing down all your big business struggles. Challenge yourself to focus on tackling one big topic each month.

My guess is that marketing is a struggle on that list! Am I right? I know it is for us too!

D’Arcy is my secret Marketing Ninja

Marketing is the biggest struggle for us and one that I constantly hear from our photography coaching clients. Rightfully so too! It can be super overwhelming.

Thankfully my coach is a real-life marketing ninja!  One of the perks of being her coaching client is that I have access to all of her incredible courses!

I can tell you firsthand that her marketing course is LEGIT, y’all! Everything she does is on another level!

I’m going to be sharing all the incredible things I’m learning from her throughout this journey!

D'Arcy Benincosa's Marketing Map

If you are feeling stuck in your business, you might consider finding a coach, a mastermind or even an online course!

Free Marketing Masterclass

Better yet, sign up for D’Arcy’s FREE Marketing Masterclass here!

You’ll learn 3 of her top secrets to captivate and convert your ideal clients!

Plus, you’ll get to see the calendar strategies that help her stay on track and plan out 12 months of marketing! That alone is worth it!

Did I mention it’s free? You literally can’t afford NOT to sign up! She’s the real deal!

Best Business Decision I’ve Ever Made

Hiring a business coach was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

While it was most definitely the biggest investments I’ve ever made, it has truly changed my mindset. The way I look at my business is completely different.

Hope this is helpful to see how much having a business coach has changed our business!

Have you considered a business coach? Let us know!



houston photography mentor

P.S. Photographer friends! If you are looking for a mentor and coach to walk you through the struggles of your business, head to Cotton Coaching to learn more!

Schedule for your free strategy call here! And don’t forget to grab your free Lightroom tips while you’re at it!





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    Yipeee, friend! SO excited for you and Cotton! I can’t wait to see what crazy amazing adventure you’re off to doing next!

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