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#1 Reason to do Maternity Photos

Our beautiful friends are having a baby! We are so happy for Rachel and Brad to join us in the sleepless nights club!¬†ūüėĄBut in all seriousness,¬†I know they are going to be INCREDIBLE parents. At their maternity session, we got to talking. Rachel wasn’t sure if she’d even do a maternity session with how she was feeling about herself, which I totally get and I’m pretty sure most mommas feel that way.

Houston Maternity Family Feel Beautiful

After she saw the photos, she texted me saying this is pretty much the only time she felt pretty during this pregnancy and thanked me for that. My heart, y’all! If only my beautiful friend could see herself as the world sees her, gorgeous and oh so kind! I knew I had to share her story on the blog in hopes that it inspires other mommas struggling with this as well.

Because, honestly, I know that feeling well. I was that struggling momma too. This time last year I was 9 months pregnant and trying every trick in the book to get that baby out of me.

No part of me felt pretty or worthy of professional photos during the pregnancy. Because you just feel huge. Every mirror selfie I took, I couldn’t bring myself to post because of how I looked. Your body is changing in so many ways. But you know what? I did end up taking maternity photos! I actually didn’t even think twice about it.

I know there are a lot of reasons to do maternity photos but I truly believe the most important reason is one you may not have thought of. Here is my advice to all mommas and my number one reason to do maternity photos!

Why you should do a maternity shoot Houston

#1 Reason to do Maternity photos

“Before we did our shoot, Michelle asked a question I hadn’t thought about that still sticks with me. “How many photographs do you have of your mom pregnant with you?” I don’t have any and have only seen one photo of my mom pregnant at all – same with my husband.

Michelle then made a really great point. “These photos are for him, not for you.”¬†And she is totally right. I want our son to see how loved he is before he is even here. I also want to give him a chance to enjoy memories we weren’t able to with our moms.” – Rachel¬†

Your baby is the #1 reason to do maternity photos!

Yes, you should do them for you so you can get dolled up, feel pretty and have a date night. Yes, you should do maternity photos so you and your husband can remember this time. Yes, you should do them since these (if it’s your first kiddo) will be your last photos of just the two of you together. But the number one reason to do maternity photos is for your baby. This is the beginning of his or her story!

Houston Maternity Photography

Tips for doing maternity photos

If you are struggling to decide on whether or not to do maternity photos, here are some helpful tips from this beautiful momma-to-be, Rachel. We hope this helps you stress a little less and enjoy this incredible time in your life!

Tip #1: Get advice from other moms

“I honestly hadn’t thought about taking maternity photos much until around 25 weeks. I don’t have a lot of pictures of me pregnant and wasn’t really sure I wanted professional pictures done of the pregnancy. The more I talked to other moms who did not do them, the majority told me they regretted not capturing that time of their lives. It’s not something you can recreate, so I asked Michelle’s opinion and she, without hesitation, definitely¬†recommended it!”¬†

Tip #2: Shop Pink Blush

“I have gotten a lot of my maternity clothes at Pink Blush, an online maternity store. I was just casually browsing when I saw this beautiful lace dress that came in many different colors. I loved how whimsical yet tasteful it was. I also like the fact that it hid the arms and legs well!” – Rachel¬†

Also, I loved that you could buy all the adorable things and try them on in the comfort of your home. Plus, they do free returns! You really can’t ask for a better experience when you’re pregnant!

Tip #3: Enjoy the moment

For me personally, I have not felt very glamorous¬†throughout this process. It’s a beautiful¬†thing, what is happening inside our bodies, but there are a lot of weird changes that no one tells you about! I wasn’t sure I felt comfortable being photographed feeling so large and tired all the time.¬†
For the first time in my pregnancy, I actually felt beautiful! It was nice to dress up and take photos that I know will be meaningful now and down the road. Michelle did a great job capturing how sweet and goofy my husband is too. After I got the pictures, I couldn’t stop looking at them! I’m so glad we chose to do a maternity shoot.¬†

Houston Maternity PhotographerHouston Maternity Photos Why you should do a maternity shoot Houston maternity Houston Maternity Family Why You Should do A maternity Session Houston Maternity Feel Beautiful Maternity Shoot Feel BeautifulWhy you should do a maternity session

“Parenthood is kind of like folding a fitted sheet…no one really knows how to do it!”

I saw this quote and died laughing! It’s just the truest truth.¬†ūüėāI can’t wait to meet their precious son, Cooper! If he is half as incredible as Rachel & Brad, the world will most definitely be a better a place!



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