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5 Reasons Not To Do a First Look

Let’s chat about “First Looks” for a sec, k? Pinterest, your wedding planner, and heck, even your Matron of Honor is telling you to do a “First Look”, right? We get it. As photographers, we have to be honest, we LOVE the new tradition too. Cue the waterworks! It’s a really special, intimate moment with your soon-to-be hubby/wife that you wouldn’t otherwise have. But as much as we love first looks, they aren’t for everyone. If any of these apply to you, you might not want to do a “first look.”

5 Reasons Not To Do a First Look

First look

1. You’re having a 6 PM summer wedding. 

The sun sets around 8:00 – 8:30 pm (even later in some states) during the summer. If you want a 6 pm (or earlier) wedding, you might not want to do a “first look”. Doing so would mean your time to take photos before the wedding would be less than ideal with much harsher light. Trust us, here in the Texas heat, you won’t want to be taking photos outside at 4 pm either! 

bridal details

2. You’re having a Catholic mass at 2 pm.

Even during the winter, you won’t want to be taking photos before 2 pm. Photos at high noon is not flattering for anyone! No thanks! Plus, your reception probably won’t start until 5 or 6 pm so you’ll have plenty of time after the ceremony to do portraits with your family, wedding party and of the two of you.

3. Your husband really wants to see you for the first time as you walk down the aisle. 

Sometimes, this is non-negotiable for guys and that’s okay! This might be the one part of your wedding day they’ve dreamt about. So much of a wedding is about the bride so it’s nice to consider your hubby-to-be’s dreams too.

Ashton Garden North First look

4. You want to include all of your guests in the emotional moment of him seeing you for the first time.

If you don’t mind having all eyes on you and your love when you see each other for the very first time, this is definitely a sweet moment that guests, wedding party, and your family will love to see!

5. You don’t mind missing your cocktail hour & want to take your portraits as a married couple. 

If you don’t do a “first look,” chances are you’ll be taking most of your photos after the ceremony. While your guests are enjoying cocktail hour, you’ll be tackling photos with your family, wedding party and just the two you. This can take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your family shot list and size of your wedding party. But on the plus side, you’ll actually be married for these portraits, which means you’ll both being wearing your rings!

St. Luke's Methodist Wedding

None of these sound like you? Don’t worry, we’ll be checking in soon to see if a “first look” is right for you! 

Hopefully, this will help you two decide which route you want to take. The best news? There is no right or wrong way! It’s your day and you get to choose what makes the most sense for you!

Happy planning bridal babe!


Michelle & Alyssa


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