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How to Use Asana To Organize Your Photography Business

Are you overwhelmed with all the things as a new photographer?! I feel you, friend! From new bookings and client reminders to marketing tasks and your finances, it sometimes can feel like your to-do list is chaos on paper. 🤦🏼‍♀️It’s time to organize your photography business, Marie Kondo style!

But trust me when I tell you – a solid project management system is going to CHANGE THE PRODUCTIVITY GAME for you.

We’re literal die-hard fans of THE BEST CRM system a.ka. Honeybook (grab $200 off here because we love ya) because it’s the one tool we can’t live without…

But, we also know that especially in the beginning stages of your photography business journey you need some FREE tools to help you get organized.

And that’s why we’re here to spread all the Asana goodness & show you 3 key ways to use Asana (our favorite FREE project management system) to organize your photography business.


How to Use Asana To Organize Your Photography Business

1. Have a Simplified To-Do List

This may seem simple but having a prioritized to-do list that you can access from any computer or device is life-changing. I’m constantly thinking of things I need to do, people I need to email, etc. So having a simple space to write down what needs to get done is crucial.

I like to categorize my to-do list by things that need to get done TODAY, TOMORROW or just “in general” without a specific deadline. You can add in-depth details and deadlines to each of these tasks. You can also assign them to other members of your team.

I used to write everything in notebooks because it was easier for me to physically write things down but now I don’t know what I’d do if my to-do list wasn’t accessible from my phone with my current #mombrain.

You can see how high making cookies is on my to-do list!


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2. Create Boards for On-going Tasks like Editing & Album Designs

Simple lists are great (like above) but boards are clutch for on-going projects with multiple steps. Here’s a look into our editing board:

Then you scroll to the right to see more columns (steps to our editing workflow process)…

This helps us see where each wedding and session is in the pipeline and what needs to be done next.

You can add any details you want to each task and set deadlines for yourself. We also do this for our album design process!

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3. Use the Calendar View to Map out Blogging or Social Posts

The calendar view is so helpful for us to plan our content calendar and see what to post when. We have different types of blog posts color labeled so we can see which days we are posting what type of content.

This also allows you to see what and when you post on social media as well. If you don’t blog your sessions, you could use the calendar view to map out Instagram posts for couple’s anniversaries or maybe you just like see your tasks in general from a calendar viewpoint.

Viewing in this mode and having the ability to move things around with ease is so crucial because not everything gets done right on time, for us at least!

😜If I had to write this down in a physical calendar you can bet I’d be using a pencil with all the changes that we make.

Alright, friend! If you aren’t using Asana (or something similar) in your business yet, I hope this gives you a few ideas to get started!

Let’s start 2020 off right!


Michelle & the whole Cotton team




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