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Why We Organize Our Client Wedding Galleries & Why You Should Too

Curious about why we spend the time to organize client wedding galleries? Well, we tell our clients that we deliver about 100 images per every hour we are shooting on their wedding day. (To be honest, we say 100 but it’s almost always more!)

Most weddings are 7 – 10+ hours long. I’m no math wiz but that generally means we are dealing with 800 – 1200+ photographs from one wedding!

Sound like a lot? Yes, but this is their wedding day, y’all! To us, the more the merrier! We deliver any images that we’d want to see if it was our wedding day.

When dealing with 1000+ images, organizing them is absolutely crucial! (It also makes editing a lot more manageable too, but that’s a different blog post!) Can you imagine receiving a thousand or more images in one giant folder? No thanks! As a previous bride, I can tell you just how overwhelming it was having so many images not organized into folders.

Organizing your Wedding Client’s Gallery

Here’s what a typical wedding gallery looks like with us:

We organize the whole day into folders based on how the events of the day unfolded chronologically. Some might think this isn’t necessary, but we really believe it makes a difference for our clients, their guests and even other wedding vendors involved.

Why You Should Organize Client Galleries

To Boost Your Client Experience

We explain to our clients at the first meeting how we organize their photos into folders for them. It shows that we care about them and take this extra step to make their lives easier. What takes us about an hour of our time saves them so much time and frustration searching! Can you imagine digging through your wedding photos year after year just to find a specific cake photo or the father-daughter dance?

Your Bride & Groom Actually Share their Photos

If their photos are organized, they are more likely to go back to the gallery and grab exactly what they are looking for on special occasions. On your bride’s dad’s birthday, she knows to go directly to the “Family Photos” folder to find the sweet photo of dad hugging her. Or maybe she’ll go to the “Ceremony” folder to find the one of dad tearing up as they walked down the aisle.

A Cleaner Experience for Wedding Guests

Imagine you are a guest at a wedding and the couple shares their wedding gallery. Excitedly, you start searching through a big long gallery only to realize it’s nearly impossible to find the needle in the haystack, the photo the photographers took of you busting it on the dance floor. Most people won’t even make it to the end if they have to scroll through all 1000 images!

If only it was organized and all the dancing photos were in one spot! Cha! Then you only have to search through a handful of images. Boom, you found your perfectly captured Beyoncé moves and are sharing it on Instagram in no time! What photographer doesn’t want their images shared? That’s why we do this in the first place, right?

Easier for Vendors to Find What They Contributed

Wedding vendors work really hard to create magic for your couples on their wedding day. We always try to share the full wedding galleries with all the vendors because they deserve the images of their work too. Vendors love using new photos for their social media, website and possible promotions. All good things that could bring more business back around to you.

When sharing an organized gallery with them, they know exactly where to find everything! The baker knows that her cake photos will be in a folder called “Cake & Cake Cutting”. It’s as simple as that! The easier it is for them, the more likely it is that they’ll share them. We all know how busy small business owners are. Let’s help make their lives a little simpler!

Collective Challenge | Go & Do

We know our way isn’t the easy route. It takes time to organize each wedding and even more time to rename the files and export each individual folder. But we want to provide a high-end experience for our clients and their guests so this helps us achieve that.

After you upload and cull through your next wedding, we want to challenge you to go through and break the wedding down into folders for your client. Even if it’s as simple as:

  • Getting Ready
  • Portraits
  • Ceremony
  • Reception


If you don’t have a wedding coming up, open up a Lightroom catalog from a past wedding and organize it. It’s easy to see the whole wedding in one place, create the folders in Lightroom then just drag and drop photos into the right time frame. Soon it’ll be a simple step in your workflow to organize client wedding galleries!

Not sure where to start in Lightroom? Comment below and let us know! We were thinking about putting together a step-by-step video tutorial if that’s something that you guys would be interested in!

You got this, boss! Cheering for you always!




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3 Lightroom Tips to Speed Up Your Workflow

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  1. Kayla says:

    This makes so much sense and yet I wasn’t doing it. Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely be organizing client galleries from now on!

  2. Just found this blog on Pinterest! Super great info for upping your client experience game! Sometimes it feels so daunting not being able to come up with extra ways to spoil your couples, but this is excellent advice!

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